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International Society of Explosive Engineers WASM Kalgoorlie Student Chapter ISEE was established in 1974 in the US. It has more than 4000 members that are scattered over 90 countries with a total of 42 chapters.ISEE mainly focuses on promoting the professional development, competence and qualifications of explosive engineers, practitioners and of those entering the field.The Student Chapter will represent ISEE within WASM and will promote its goals as well as:

  • invite blasting professionals as guest speakers to present their knowledge to the WASM students;
  • organise site visits/field trips in WA and interstate to experience the methods implemented for blasting and relate the topic studied in class to a real-life scenario;
  • organise blast work demonstrations to students where they can take part in the practical and experience first-hand what has been covered in class;
  • organise training session such as: working at heights, confined spaces and first aid to the members at a more economical rate run by registered training organisations;

Benefits of becoming a member:

  • gain acceStudent Chaptersss to ISEE scholarships;
  • network with key exponents of the mining industry and explosive engineers and manufacturers;
  • take part to the Annual Conference on Explosives and Blasting Techniques (potentially sponsored by ISEE);
  • receiving the ISEE bi-monthly journal as well as the ISEE Members directory;
  • Access to the vast practical explosive engineering reference database;

We endeavour to build and strengthen the relationship between the University and the mining industry by organising joint events for the benefit of the members.

For more information please contact Fabio Testa [email protected]

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